All, 180cm x 150cm, 2020

My practice is therapeutic and allows me to question/explore the enigma that is the Man through, to become more aware of its importance and role in the community through visual arts. where nothing seems to be taken for granted, the need to find oneself is more vivid than ever. Man is an enigma, undulating and diverse as Montaigne said. A being difficult to understand whose soul would certainly let glimpse a straight and long line of unconsciously malignant but enigmatic lines. In a disjointed, yet methodical approach, I realize myself through an investigation of the self while letting the strings and knots show through in order to externalize the complexity of the personality of man in a general way with the aim of reiterating that man is a loner who needs others and the more open he is the greater he becomes.My practice offers me the opportunity to paint some broad strokes of relational links and the strength that results at higher altitudes.

Black symphony, 160-130cm, 2021

Art being a sense amplifier, my work amplifies and expand the senses on the influence that others have on the construction of an individual identity.I believe that we are the products of our social environment, the sum of many elements that make us singular beings whose individualities are influenced by the coexistence of all the identities gravitating around us.". Each person passing through our life leaves an imprint, a mark.In a metaphorical and symbolic way.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Tong Grace Dorothee


Cameroonian artist Grace Dorothée Tong who lives and works in Douala, Cameroon. Her interest in visual arts began very early, in parallel with her secondary studies, she participated in creative writing workshops facilitated by Moleskine Foundation before enrolling later at the Institute of Fine Arts in plastic arts and art history located in Nkongsamba in Douala (Cameroon) . Her work is accentuated on the canvas by bodily notions and transmission of lived experience. Inspired by the artist Frida Kahlo and Cornelis Escher, Tong tackles the notion of identity and the power of human relationships.

In addition to the Moleskine workshops, she participated in several events and group exhibitions between 2015 and 2021 including the Sleepless Night at the French Institute of Cameroon and the Doual'Art Center’s first edition of the competition Young Hopefuls of the SUD (Urban Salon of Douala) on the theme "the place of the human" as a finalist.

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