Untitled 2020

My paintings come from a research of eurythmy of movement. A pranopractice applied to the canvas that opens up to a spiritual armony. The process is based on trying to impress on the artistic support an energy, meaning a deployment of the strength that moves both body and soul.

Untitled 02 2020

The quality of the energy defines the work. Every work comes from a different present but from the same spiritual method.

Untitled 03 2019

The work comes from a research of gesture. the correct or uncorrect movement brings to a correct or uncorrect work. Neither is right.

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Tommaso Lanati Goliszewski


Tommaso Lanati Goliszewski (23/07/1995), born in Mendrisio. I am graduated in grammar school Liceo Classico Alessandro Volta in Como, then I attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, and now in Brera, Milan.

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