Play time at the Gulf war 2018

I wanted to share one of my
experiences as a child in Israel during the Gulf War. I was about 8 years old and I was very frightened,
I enjoy painting my memories as it eases my anxiety.

Alejandro 2019

Narcos actor, Alejandro Edda is a friend of mine and he is staring in a short film called “El Bus”; a story of a family man who gives up on life. Not being present for my children is one of my biggest fears so the story and Alejandro’s acting fascinated me and I documented him for a full week while working on set in Mexico City. I took a photo of Alejandro on set while working
on the character of Uriel and then painted the portrait. I’m working on an exhibition of “incomplete” portraits that this painting is apart of

Alon 2018

Alon Abutbul is an Israeli actor working in Hollywood, he won the IFFI award for best actor in the 44th international film festival of India and starred in the Dark Knight Rises. I met Alon through mutual friends and we became close,
he impacted my creative process and opened my eyes to searching for more than just meets the eye. I feel very connected and inspired by Alon and his artistic approach to his profession. I consider him my philosophic mentor.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Tomer Peretz

United States

The artist Tomer Peretz passionately searches for the unexplored, not often portrayed and interesting side of the persona he paints; he lives for the process and the complete painting is only the last step in the artistic method.

Peretz is an LA based multimedia artist and painter. Born and raised in Jerusalem, he utilizes a spectrum of platforms, including oil, acrylic, photography and conceptual art to express his point of view.

Tomer’s goal is not only to create a visually pleasing and highly detailed piece but also to tell a story and document a moment in time that would make the viewer feel something. Every piece highlights an underlying theme, an element of mystery and more than meets the eye. Tomer is inspired by the dear people to him, who impact his life and spirit.

Tomer is represented by the reputable ‘Fabrica Eos’ gallery in Milan, Italy.
In 2014, Peretz was awarded the inaugural Arthur Szyk Prize for ‘Disruptive Thought’ and most recently has been showcased at Art Ba

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