2016 persona_65 2016

2016 persona_65 경기창작센터 창작지원팀 Gyeonggi Creation Center, South Korea ( Part II )
80 x 120 cm

2015 draw_06 2015

2015 draw_06 mOstra2015, Lisbon
Performance on abandoned office building, creating a new illusory wall

2018 set_04 2018

Installation art with wood and paper
Willing n Dealing art space
Seoul – South Korea

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Tomaz Hipólito



Tomaz Hipolito
Born in Lisbon 1969
Studied architecture. Lives in Lisbon

The work addresses the questions of space, its occupation and transformation.

Mapping gesture in order to create a new territory, interval, placed in-between subjectivity and the experience occurring from that.

Multiple media such as photography, video, performance, painting and drawing, are used to better reveal the concept of each work.
The entire process becomes part of the work

Like Gestures, all works are unique pieces

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