Armoured Jawbreaker 2021

The sculpture is made of stainless steel triangles bound and polished to a mirror finish then with a clear coat. The sculpture as is, evokes the sense of curiosity with a mirror effect finish— where it depicts the viewers reflection in it’s environment. It allows us to see where we stand in society and as individuals. Within the core and the broken down layers sits an agate slab. Its exposure represents the layers we each have whether it be generational layers, or layers of ethnicities within each of us or even the layers we put on as masks and facades. The ooze surrounding is a play on how we as individuals impact the environment which surrounds us. The sculpture’s entire foundation and concept is based on self reflection, peeling the layers back and our individual impact.

A symbol of resilience 2020

In the most trying times, our roots remained strong and our perspectives have shifted. I would be elated for the City of Kimberley to have a reminder of this strength and unity of our community through this sculpture. The sculpture is one of a metal tree, each seam glimmers in rainbow iridescence with a trunk sitting on reflective globes. Each globe shows us the reflection of ourselves and our
part in the community, while the tree reveals its roots and branches grounding and growing. Hanging from one of the branches sits a clear glass sphere in which you can interact, take photographs and see the community in a alternate perspective.
This tree symbolizes our strength, our indestructibility and the foundation of our community.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Tom Watson


I’ve always been inspired by nature and its mechanics at a young age and due to a constant curiosity of art, it wasn’t long before I combined my love of creativity and welding. The initial ignition though was sparked and inspired by a friend who translated his creativity and skills into sculptures. He encouraged me to introduce this sense of play into the technicalities and to really expand the bounds of what is taught in the trade. I began my journey of welding in late 2002 in the heavy duty and large industrial realm. Soon after, I experimented with the elements and what eventually became my practice. In 2009, I began working on private commissions and further explored welding as an art. To this day, I continue to be inspired and create through his initiation – it’s where I get a better sense of connection with my friend since he’s passed and remain to keep him close through my work. When I create, there is an overwhelming sense of love and healing that I feel flow through me.

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