Oil Dancer 2019

Oil Dancer is a 3 channel HD video installation with stereo audio. This work has become the motif for my artistic practice in the exploration of folding time upon itself. Video allows me to catalogue time and space into a language of frames. Once captured I play with and challenge their linear hierarchy , distorting it, pulling those moments and perspectives through each other. Like the cubists trying to represent every perspective at once, video allows me to pull each of these catalogued moments through themselves to paradoxically see each frame at once, whilst also allowing things to evolve and flow over time.

Above and Below 2017

Above and Below is a two channel video installation where the viewer is placed in the impossible space of being above the shoreline and contradictorily beneath the ocean at the same moment and then left to drift. The piece is intended to wash over the viewer so we can think of ourselves within a space and time or completely disappear within it.

Entheogen Vignettes (Series of 15 prints) 2018

The genesis of the abstractions for these light boxes was originally moving image. They came from a video album created to accompany a bands audio album. Upon reviewing the film by individual frames I started to see individual works in each static frame. They are single vignettes taken from a glitch artwork where the original image of X-Rays was pulled and manipulated so much that it became an entirely new image. They have certain Rorschach qualities to them where each viewer sees something different and new in each frame, making them more of a mirror than a mere object. This body of work is a direct result of my background as a VJ. I constantly re-explore my own works by manipulating, remixing and combining them to constantly search for something new. My practice has always been defined by a process of experimentation. Rather than pursuing a defined outcome. I enjoy the journey of exploring the experimental process of destructing and re-birthing my pieces of video.

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Tolmie MacRae



Tolmie MacRae is a video artist from Sydney, Australia now based in Cologne, Germany. His background comes from studying a Masters of Digital Media at the College of Fine Arts, Sydney and also VJing. He has performed with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra to celebrate the Sydney Opera Houses’s 40th birthday, exhibited at ISEA 2013 and internationally at the Shedhalle, Tübingen, Artrooms Fair London. And the 14th Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, Italy.
Through his art practice Tolmie explores the multiplicity of existence predominantly through the medium of video. His work has explored themes of meditation, transcendence and immanence by investigating the flow of light and time on people and landscapes generating visual and temporal abstractions. He plays with opposing ideas and then fuses them together. Rather than transcendence and immanence or creation and destruction as binary opposites the artist explores the tension of these seemingly competing states of existence as combined dualities.

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