time 2019

the ocean symbolizes time …
analog photo; hasselblad503cw, cinestill800t

instant 2019

nowadays we are constantly assessed, everything is instant, pressure…
analog photo; hasselblad503cw, portra400

sun 2019

the light is always with us, we are not always aware of this
analog photo; hasselblad503cw, portra400

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titus poplawski



Titus Powlawski is a freelance photographer who was born in 1972 in Wroclaw, Poland. A long time ago he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture.
His adventure with photopgraphy began when his dad gave him his first analogue camera at the age of ten.
He drifted away from photography in the era of digital cameras.
In 2016 he returned to his long lost passion of analogue photography.
His major avenue of artistic expression is people, especially in portraits, nudes, and fine art.
Order, colors and composition are distinct elements of his photography.
Titus Powlawski lives in Wroclaw, Poland. He enjoys traveling and is still searching for his independent style of photographic expression.


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