Homecoming is an ongoing personal project that investigates the instance of returning home. A reunion with family, friends, and homeland – Nepal. Diaspora politics discussing relationship with the ethnic homelands, the host state and the prominent role of ethnic conflict.


Arjun Makhim


Most Limbu ornaments were inspired by nature and were predominantly made of gold. Kami (jewellers) crafted the ornaments the Limbu designed and ever since, these family heirlooms have been passed down from one generation to the next.

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Tirtha Lawati



I am a 23 year old photographer based in England, although I was born in Nepal, me and my family migrated from Nepal to come to England in 2006 due to the reason being as dad was in the British Army to escape poverty and have a better life. Living away from home for many years it feels as if I am slowly losing my national identity confusing myself with the current homeland. So over the years Identity became really important to me and is one of the theme I really push for in my artwork. I studied fashion photography in London College of Fashion, UAL. Here I could really express myself and my emotions through colour photography, which I think people notice about when they see my work. Even though it was a fashion course it didn’t stop me to think in a fine art way when producing my work. Over the years, my work has had stages but near the end of my time at uni it took a route towards asking and finding myself which pushed me to create an ongoing personal project titled ‘HOMECOMING’.

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