Stand Up For Your Dreams 2019

2.5×1 m , acryl
Sketch for mural
Personalizes women of the 21st century, who stood up to defend their rights and on the path to freedom. Georgia

The King 2020

Acryl painting ,
Tamar the Great – reigned as the Queen of Georgia from 1184 to 1213, presiding over the apex of the Georgian Golden Age

Dreamer 2016

First Character from Dreamingstan
Dreamingstan refers to the situation in Georgia, mainly 90s. We were all part of the reality full of war conflicts, civil wars. Escape from everyday worries was a necessity, desire. Characters from my project actually fleeing from everyday life into the fictional parallel reality called Dreamingstan. Some of them are, however, real people, flesh and blood.

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Tina Tsotsolashvili-Chertova


Chertova – artist from Georgia , working on illustrations (digital art) / Toys design / Street art.
I graduated from Academy Of Art in Tbilisi (master degree in architecture /interior design) Was working in many companies as a brand /digital designer. Also i was working on projects as : McDonald's car way mural wall (personal illustrations and mural)/Murals for project "Special kids" ; USAID project for woman's right in Georgia (as a illustrator/digital designer/street artis) , Aghadgine- large-scale reforestation campaign; Tbilisi Zoo – restoration facade after the flood in 2013; Political show against Russian aggression to Georgia.; GrlzWave illustrator ; Animal shelter volunteer (event manager/designer also)
My own projects: Dreamingstan ( project based on reall life in Georgia , fighting for womens / LGBT rights) / Chertova Toys

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