Alienscapes+ (2019)_”Hairscape” 2019

The artwork "Hairscape" is performed live. In this video, i play live electronic sounds and live visuals, at the same time. The live visuals depict my tiny details of my skin and hair. These details perceived as weird & surreal landscapes. The used interactive filters are searching for analyzing the edges and the structure of these "landscapes". The "Hairscapes" project uses new media art and various devices for achieving its goals. In this video, the movement of the microscope camera follows up my live sound play. Basically here, I am looking for an imagery could be made by scratch. My attempt was to make a music visualisation video, based on live footage that was streamed by multimedia devices, such as a microscope camera (100x optical zoom, 300 digital zoom), webcams and synthesizers.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Thomas Valianatos


Thomas Valianatos is lecturer in Digital- Graphic Arts in the
Department Of Audio & Visual Arts in Ionian University, since 2010. He studied painting,
illustration and animation in Athens School of Fine Arts. He has also a Master degree in
Digital Arts from Athens School of Fine Arts. His art works have been presented at various international festivals
and art exhibitions and in various publishers and advertising films in Cinema & TV Companies.

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