Kreta 2015

A series about bell panels in a typical “immigration district” of the City of Vienna/Austria. The ongoing immigration debates often abnegate the fact that the current character of our cities is already defined by long lasting immigration in the history of our cities. This history is reflected by the names on the bell plates at the entrance of our houses. These bell plates have an interesting role in our life, being the interface between the “outside”, the street, and the “inside”, our home. As such, they reflect how much we care to interact at all, how much we are interested in staying anonymous or if we like to present ourselves even through such an interface. The images allow reproduction in natural size of these panels as panels to combine people closely on one (exhibition) wall who normally are separated by house walls.

Silence Beyond The Wall 2015

A series about noise protection walls along our highways shot from the outside instead of the “typical” inside view when we are driving. The outside view hides the reason of being of these walls, the highways themselves and thus should make us reflect in a more generic way about walls we are raising in our life and around our landscapes and what these walls do to us: They limit our horizon, they separate us from “the beyond” and they literally bury in silence what happens on the other side. (Images shot on medium format b/w film.)

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Thomas Bundschuh


Born in 1964 in Austria, lived and worked in Italy, Austria and Germany. Business manager for a long time. Professional and conceptual photographer since 2014. Member of Anzenberger Masterclass 2014/15. Member of Kollektiv Kreta from 2014-2017.
Curious of traces we humans leave in our environment, how we configure it, and how we interact with it. Excited by giving others my own view of the world as food for thought.
Co-publisher of “Kreta No1” and “Kretalabor”, self-publisher of “Silence Beyond The Wall”, author of “Learning Journey” published by Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg

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