Disco Rígido (Hard Drive) 2020

Inventing a future and reinventing the past. Leaving memories behind end up being a way to adapt to the passage of time, in the attempt – for all purposes – to avoid feelings. Unconsciously or not, in the search for novelty and which, in some cases, is nothing but a reheated trend, one tends to abandon one's own personality if it is not in accordance with fashion standards. In a figurative way, this is what Hard Drive talks about: In the search for who you want to be, may stifle who you are.

All I have is a window 2020

Video-essay about the mental stress caused by the prolonged confinement. From the window view, that little by little is taken over by the vegetation of the neighbor's house, an observation about the time that does not pass – and, at the same time, it doesn't stop – in the pandemic.

Outdoor 2019

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Theo Tajes


Theo Tajes is a photographer, screenwriter and film director. His My work moves between fiction and documentary, often mixing the two genres, usually addressing urgent issues in Latin American societies, regarding gender and racial issues. He started his career as a photographer and nowadays he works with hybrid projects, mixing audiovisual with photographic essays. Árido, 2015, with photos of Atacama's desert, was his first solo exhibition. In 2020, he participated in the photobook published by PH Museum, Familiar Strange, and in the collective exhibition of the same name, in Bologna and in the collective exhibition La Frontera, by HAFA. Also in 2020, his film, conceived during the quarantine, Hard Disk, was selected for the permanent collection of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. His first feature film, Transvestite Heart, is in post-production. Currently participates of the TECH ART LAB art studies program, as well the Possible Futures's collective exhibition.

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