“Sleep With One Eye Open And Do Not speak Of It” 2016

A female transitioning into a male – the individual is afraid to speak about it – friends and family do not understand – the individual lives in a violent and hostile environment and fears for their life.

“The Pains Of Change” 2016

Depicting the physical pains as a female is transitioning into a male. The stag horns represents the inner male from within starting to emerge.

“In Transition” 2018

A portrayal of a female transitioning into a male, in mid-transition, as they walk through the embryonic fluids of change.

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Terrance ( Terry ) Gregoraschuk



Over the past 40 years I have developed a reputation for supplying unique works of art to both the private and corporate sectors. My work has been exhibited in over 140 exhibitions at the local, national and international levels and is in the collections of Canada Post, Environment Canada, The Royal Tyrrell Museum, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, The City of Calgary, Medicine Hat Museum and The Esso Art Collection.

Throughout history visual artists have been inspired to document and capture the essence of social changes and events. With the ever changing evolution of mankind, we have progressed and evolved into a state of transition that we now have the ability to change our gender if a person so desires. Inspired by my son’s recent announcement as being transgender I have been motivated to start a series of paintings, drawings, photographic collages and sculptural pieces entitled “Trans4mation,” that portrays the trials and tribulations of gender identity and transformation.

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