Pichurda 2020

mixed media painting

Pichurda 2021

watercolor painting

Pichurda 2021

acrylic on canvas

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Tero Abaffy



Tero Abaffy is a professional artist, a mother, who specialises in mixed media painting, digital painting and objects. She works with femininity, irony and a smiley. She is based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Studied at AFAD, Bratislava and UMPRUM, Prague. The intention is to open up topics of acceptance of ourselves and all aspects of our own femininity. Through using a “smiley”, which is used instead of a face, she points out the irony of today’s naturalism of women (and humanity) and the iniquity of our social media expression passed through filters. The contribution to the artistic field is a homogeneous view of a new icon of contemporary femininity. A new display of the woman’s authenticity attribute, the current direction of the concept of a female being and her return from the fake social media to our own true essence. Tero hopes for having plenty of inspiration in the future and also to have more successful international exhibitions. Thank you

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