acrylic on canvas

In the green jungle vegetation, a demon boss conspires his big plans to the demon followers. As the demon pilot, for their zeppelin aircraft, is waiting.

DRAFT #113 2021

DRAFT #113,
acrylic on canvas

Lemon yellow behemoth rising from the cobalt blue pond that inculcated in fortunate wisdom of shore.


acrylic on canvas

Here we can witness her past sorrow and pain, for future regime to power. She is a woman of strength and emphatic strong will and forgiveness. A true leader, that has seen it all and ready for a revolutionary change for the better.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Terese Andersson



“Started painting with gouache while as child and did few paintings a year, but not until 2016 I started with acrylics and in a more serious manner. Love what I do and explore new territories in techniques, shapes and color combinations.” Terese Andersson is an abstract artist with tendencies for abstract as well figurative art painting. She uses her form of expression to maintain her interest in her observance of people and the surrounding. She is curious and has studied all her life, human nature, and it’s population. She says it’s for her cultivation she’s done that and for the future of the unknown and for the love of mysteries. The mysteries of life. And everything involved. Terese works with difficult color combinations and construction adding linear work as well angles to express her visual outlook on life. Terese paints full-time on an everyday basis. All her paintings are signed as Terese with either black or white.
Artdex competition, 2020, NYC, USA (third prize winner)

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