Portugueze horseman 2019

A 17th century Portuguese soldier shoots from a Japanese matchlock rifle, he is the winner in battle of life and death, good and evil. The skeleton symbolically represents the evil that exists in the world, diseases, disasters, wars, suffering. Portuguese rider represent happiness and freedom. He looks like a superhuman being because he has the superpower to eradicate evil. Portugal's had a great impact on Japan, they introduced firearms into Japanese warfare. Hence the idea that a Portuguese soldier holding Jpanese rifle and firing from Japanese regiment.
Size 80x 60cm
Mixed technique on canvas with 40k golden leafs

Rememembernance 2019

Acrylic on canvas, 50x40cm, 2019

Memories bring you to the future. Now you're confused …

Memories are all what influenced us to be who we are. Events, people, experiences. Everything that has passed has left a mark on our soul. The past is in memory. The past is an experience and a realization that makes us stronger. The past has built us, created the ground for the present. The present is becoming the past every moment, and the future is something we need to turn to.
Many people live trapped in the past regretting missed opportunities or wrong decisions, which prevents them from living. Because to live means to be fully in the present. Nothing that happened is wrong, everything is as it should have been and could not have been otherwise. Because you would be something other than what you are now.
So get out of the past she can't become the future, she's behind. Every present moment is past, the past is only being built and supplemented.
Only the future is what we ca

Mistery 2019

The mystery of life and death.
The mystery of existence.
We exist, but why, for what purpose?
Where, why, why?
Does any sense still exist or is it all pointless?

Maybe meaning does not exist, maybe we seek it by trying to convince ourselves to give some purpose to what we exist because we cannot accept the void.

However, if we look deeper, we can see that everything in this world is connected. It's all about something, everything has its cause and effect. Every moment is purposeful. Each event is purposeful.
All we have to do to notice it is to look back and look back a little.
So let's get the best of our lives. Let's look at ourselves in the present moment.

Where are we?
What have we achieved?
What are we not?

We then follow all the events of the past, both those that we had influence and those we could not influence. We will see one series, which led to everything we are today. The combination of random circumstances, us in them and our behavior gives us

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Teodora Stojanovic


Teodora Stojanović
Born in Belgrade, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the class of Professor Dusan Otasevic and postgraduate specialist studies in the class of professor Vladimir Velickovic. Teodora, is also a master of philosophy graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Her spectrum of interest is wide and besides painting, he is interested in NLP, which ended with Slavica Squier and Boris Teodosijević. She is a member of several art associations ULUS, ULUPUDS, Art Network of Serbia
She exhibited in the country and abroad – at the Biennale in Italy, Spain, America, Australia, Taiwan and others.
Winner of several international awards:
2018- World Directory Awards, Florence, Italy
2017 – Recognition Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tichung City Goverment, Dadun Cultural Center, Tichung City
2017- Monthly masters 1st place.

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