Tawan Wattuya’s first solo exhibition at The Lodge Gallery

” So then, his interests and inputs? The monsters and weirdo of primarily classical cinema, and the monsters and weirdos of contemporary politics. In this semantic context, only for the latter group, the politicians – most especially those who have most atrociously invaded our minds and newsfeeds in 2017 – does the expression ‘monsters and weirdos’ rank as an understatement, if not indeed a generously kind one. In contrast, in this bizarre visual and thematic context, the ‘monster and weirdos’ of cinema – here facing off against the more consequentially despicable characters with political mandates – begin to seem awkwardly friendly, maybe even lovable

As you continue to look around and pose yourself such questions, you begin to realize that politico-cinematic monsters whose likeness are most fully converged are the ones who seem most hellishly denatured, repulsively demonic, devilishly absurd ” – Paul D’Agostino

Nang Sao Thai 2015

Nang Sao Thai, 2015

“In this series, composed of 4 large watercolour paintings, measuring each 200×100 c, the floating beautiful smiles, as the downright personification of the ‘land of smiles’, belong to the winners of the beauty pageant Miss Thailand, each one representing each edition held from 1934 to 2014

While appearing as portraits of sophisticate beautiful women, this body of works finds its theme in the visual desire embodied by the ‘beauty contest’, and there lies the cancer(cyst) of Thai current society, where things such as plastic surgery, or inappropriate relations with men in positions of power are commonplace to get to the highest step of the podium.

In Wattuya’s works, there is always a critical glimpse at aspects such as the deception ingrained into society, corruption and globalization, and clues are also given out by his suggestive titles.”

“Mai pen rai” an article by – Daisuke Miyatsu

Untitle 01 2019

“In these ominous images, we see the dark vision of humanity that has characterized Wattuya’s work for much of his life. A uniformed firing squad — a faceless unit of automaton-like executioners — aims at a red-hooded captive kneeling in a corner. Islamic State fighters in black garb brandish rifles, bayonets, and pistols, in a gesture of defiance. A pristine row of M16 automatic assault rifles used by the Thai Army is on display.
Thai artist Tawan Wattuya’s latest painting exhibition, titled ‘A Multitude of Possibilities,’ at Hatch Art Project gallery expresses disdain for Thailand’s power-hungry military government and the periodic use of violence by the Thai Army against civilians.”

An article from Hatch Art Project, Singapore

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Tawan Wattuya


Tawan Wattuya (b. 1973, Thailand) is a contemporary artist based in Bangkok who paints mostly with watercolor. His works explore the social fabric and identities of his home country, Thailand. His paintings are often inspired by images that he encounters depicting current issues around the world. His works reflect his view of a human race that is slowly losing its ethics and aspirations.
Tawan graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Silapakorn University. His works have been extensively exhibited across various parts of the world. Most notably, he has participated in exhibitions Gallery Yang in Beijing, The Lodge Gallery New York, Saatchi Gallery, London and Numthong Gallery in Bangkok. His works have previously been shown in Singapore at Cut Thru, Lasalle Institute of Contemporary Art Singapore (2012), Anthropos, Sundaram Tagore Gallery (2013), and most recently as part of the Prudential Eye Award showcase at Art Science Museum (2016).

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