Pointe / Reveries  

Pointe, the installation of seemingly weightless glass clouds, is named after the classical ballet technique, that represents an incredible vision of weightlessness; but which actually demands extraordinary effort to achieve. Individual, sometimes extremely difficult and almost impossible figures in ballet create a poetic whole, a dream-like, gentle move that ties the choreography together. I discovered the special technique in pate de verre crystal glass, which visually captures the pure feeling in the material, which almost disappears as a material thing, and seizes the essence of a thought, a dream, and yearning.

Breath in Between, 2018

Breaths pass on the sense of silence of space and time in the isolated intimate world, lingering within its own membrane of dreams and desires, in the midst of closeness of other worlds. It is a moment between this breath and the next, eternally stretched out in its stillness.

Between, 2018

In my work I am constantly contemplating on sensing the invisible line between Here and There, of Being and NonBeing. It is an intimate longing for closeness in time of isolation of the individual worlds.

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Tanja Pak achieved MA at the Royal College of Art, having graduated in industrial design from the Academy of Fine Art, University in Ljubljana, where she is now full professor.
She is creatively committed to artistic spatial installations, sculpture and design of functional glass objects. She is known for her clear and fluid design of functional glass, and large multimedia installations that are interpretations of her so-called Dreamlands.

She exhibits worldwide. Her work is part of many collections and public spaces.
She won artist residencies in studios and museums around the world.

She has created more than 21 individual exhibitions, and has participated in over 50 domestic and international collective exhibitions including: European Glass Context, DK, 2021Collect 2020, London, GB, 2020Arte Laguna Prize, IT, 2019 and 2021; Venice Glass Week Hub, IT, 2019;  45th Invitational at Habatat Galleries, MI, USA, 2017; The International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa, JP, 2016; Chroma Culture, USA, 2013.

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