Sleepy Mountain XII 2019

Sleepy Mountain XII
Acrylic on linen; 111x74cm; 44×29”; 2019

Sleepy Mountain XI 2019

Sleepy Mountain XI
Acrylic on linen; 138×166 cm; 54×65”; 2019

Sleepy Mountain XVI 2019

Sleepy Mountain XVI
Acrylic and Casein on linen; 120×185 cm; 48×72”; 2019

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Talita Zaragoza

United States

Talita Zaragoza was born in São Paulo, in 1985. The artist works mainly with drawings, painting, and photography. Her inspiration comes mostly from nature, from the relationship of the concepts of micro and macro, action and reaction, and permutable interrelationships. Her work dialogues with natural landscapes and its rhythm creating metaphorical connections and reverberation aesthetics questioning the relationship of men and nature. She leaves in New York since 2012, where studied at the International Center for Photography, focused on Fine Arts photography. Prior to that, she received her B.A. in Fine Arts and has a Master in Art History from Fundação Alvares Penteado, in São Paulo Brazil. Zaragoza has shown her works in different cities, mainly in São Paulo and New York, like the Lazy Susan Gallery, Gallery Emma Thomas, Foley Gallery, at ICP, MAB FAAP, Interventions 3 curator Isidro Blasco. She attended three residencies in the US and Iceland.

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