Sissyparity 2020

“Sissy” is a pejorative term used to label an individual as effeminate. In biology, scissiparity refers to the division of a single cell into two. In this creation, I present my own body adorned with feminine accessories in a cis heteronormative culture, provoking an illusion that, from a single sissy body, other bodies emerge through bipartition.
This work was started during an artistic residency held at the Zsenne Art Lab in Brussels / Belgium during the month of September 2019 and completed only in January 2020.

To be Privy – Step by Step 2019

The design of a singular object – the same pair of shoes with an entrance for four feet – forces two bodies to face each other. The movement seems dance and the sound could be understood as noise music.

Gestures that Survive in Us 2020

This is a video conceived based on a proposition aimed at nine performers, each one in their respective home recording required situations with a specific aesthetic resolution.
In this work, we see nine different bodies covered by garments of the same shade and, although all bodies are standardized due to the monochromatic feature of what surrounds them, we can understand their differentiation through their gestures and, even with their camouflaged physicalities and disfigured, we intuit how unstable and unrepeatable each interiority presented.
Overlapping layers of moving images comment on a time when we are mediated by screens, while the audios captured from our environments determine a very particular time frame that corresponds to the period of the creation process, implicating audios of news and noises that involved us and certainly they transformed us together with the whole conjuncture that surrounds us, after all we are constantly transformed by those around us.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Tales Frey


Tales Frey (Catanduva, SP, Brazil. 1982) lives and works between Brazil and Portugal. He produces works supported by visual and scenic arts. At this time, he is developing a research in his Post-Doctorate course at the CEHUM – University of Minho.He got a Doctorate degree in Theatre and Performance Studies at theUniversity of Coimbra in Portugal and BA degree in Theatre Direction at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He also did a specialisation in Contemporary Artistic Practices and a MA degree in Art Theory and Criticism at the University of Porto. He is represented by Verve Gallery from Sao Paulo. Some of his works belongs in strong art collections: Biennial Foundation of Cerveira in Portugal; Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto, Portugal; Museum of Contemporary Art of Niteroi – MAC Niteroi, Museum of Contemporary Art of Sao Paulo – MAC-USP; MAM RJ – Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Serralves Museum in Portugal.

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