"Kandinsky I" from the project "Bauhaus Dessau" 2020

As a school of design, the Bauhaus was one of the most important phenomena of the 20th century and revolutionised artistic and architectural thought and work. The Bauhaus buildings are central works of the radical renewal of architecture and design. The conceptual photo project shows the Bauhaus buildings in Dessau in several partial series in the artistic style of various Bauhaus artists and combine the protagonists' artistic concepts and working methods with the pioneering architecture of the Bauhaus to create a new and creative view of the Bauhaus Dessau.

Partial series "Point and Line to Plane"

In 1926, Wassily Kandinsky published his theoretical thoughts on painting in the Bauhaus book ”Point and Line to Plane”, a key text for understanding abstraction. The sub-series shows the architecture of the Bauhaus buildings in the abstract, geometric art style of Kandinsky and refers to the examples of illustrations in his Bauhaus book.

"Moholy I" from the project "Bauhaus Dessau" 2020

Partial series "The Photographer's House" from the project "Bauhaus Dessau"

The first darkroom at the Bauhaus was set up in the Moholy-Nagy / Feininger Master House in 1926. At that time, photography did not yet play a role in teaching at the Bauhaus. Lucia Moholy was the first professional photographer at the Bauhaus. She became famous above all for her series of photographs of the Bauhaus buildings in Dessau. László Moholy-Nagy experimented extensively with the medium of photography and published several theoretical texts on photography. The sub-series shows the Moholy-Nagy / Feininger Master House in objective and experimental photography as dyptiches.

"Feininger I" from the project "Bauhaus Dessau" 2020

Partial series "I prefer to call my cubism prisma-ism" from the project "Bauhaus Dessau"

Lyonel Feininger was one of the first masters at the Bauhaus and, as an already well-known artist, an important representative of Classical Modernism in the field of graphics and painting. Feininger's individual and characteristic painting style is a further development from Cubism. The partial series shows the Bauhaus buildings in Dessau in prismatic compositions as a homage to Lyonel Feininger.

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Swen Bernitz



Born in 1970 in Berlin (East). Self-taught, member of the BVBK Brandenburg Association of Visual Artists. Since 2008 long-term conceptual projects in documentary style on the topics of the built environment, urban landscapes and modern urban development.

Awards (selection):
– Honorable Mention L.A. Photo Curator „Primary Shapes 2020”
– Nominee International Photography Grant „Talent of the Year 2020”
– Gold in Architecture “2020 Prix de la Photographie (Px3)”
– Nomination Photography “Brandenburg Art Prize 2020”
– Finalist "COCA Center of Contemporary Artists 2020"
– Shortlist Architecture “Sony World Photography Awards 2020”
– Nomination “Art Award AOK Nordost 2020”
– Longlist “Aesthetica Art Prize 2020”
– Winner Architecture “Annual Photography Awards 2019”
– Winner Architecture & Interiors “14th Pollux Award's Professional Section 2019”
– Shortlist Free Choice / Conceptual “Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2019“
– Highly Recommended at European Architectural Photography Prize 2019

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