Water Bank Boogie V | 2018

Site-specific installation of suspended and wall mounted hand cut disks made of paper sandwiched between layers of Tyvek painted with acrylic ink. This laborious method of hand cutting creates a porous textured material. The porosity mimics and references the capillary action of soil, and water bank erosion and restoration. Red, yellow, gray and green colors are the colors used by hydro geologists to color code soil samples of clay, gravel, sand and silt. While these colors are used exclusively the color of the components visually combine to change their colors according to viewers' perspectives. Disks range in size from 16" diameter to 34" diameter. Gallery size 12'L x 9'H x 8'D.

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Susan Knight

United States

Nebraska-based paper artist, Susan Knight, is a Michigan native. She devotes exclusive attention to the stories and science of water and the land around it by building constructions with her hand cut materials. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. Her work was featured in SciArt Magazine, Sculpture Magazine, the Smithsonian Magazine and appears in the book, Art Inspired by Science: Imagining the Natural World, by Robert Louis Chianese. Knight is a recipient of a Nebraska Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship. She was awarded art-science residencies at AS IF Center, NC, The Colorado Art Ranch and The Nature Conservancy, Hayden, CO, and residencies at Ragdale Foundation, Lake Forest, IL, and the International School of Art, Montecastello di Vibio, Italy. She earned a

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