Metamorphic 2018

"Metamorphic "This sculpture having five elements of human and animals and birds .it's showing fusion of the elements which I did .

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Sunil Bindhani

United Arab Emirates

My self sunil bindhani trying to be an exponent of visual art on making a fusions of art knowledge and advanced technology and skills. Because I belong to a traditional sculptor family. I'm very much influenced by my father he was very much fascinating me with my work. That's why from childhood I got inspired to devote myself for the art sculpture. Gradually due to my sincere devotion I got the opportunity to complete my masters degree from college of art. During publishing study over there I got an concept that how present artificial intelligence and technology can be added with the creative traditional art from the ancient age till date .Then after I have started to devote myself in the aforesaid field to explore the concepts inthe mind of criative artist and technology to portray the time to time evolution of visual art forms.
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