Gap in Between 2020

By Sundus Rafi

I have played with non-physical absences while creating physical existences made up of repetitive triangular shapes which represent the construction of my discursive memory and thoughts, I am crowded with. But it also leaves a true portrait of the self. The non-physicality of the gaps represents the void that the conflict of conscious thoughts and unconscious automatism has created. This struggle is described by Friedrich Nietzsche in simple words i.e.
“There are no beautiful surfaces without the terrible depth.”
This depth is not easy to describe but the way it connects with my soul on deeper level it gives me a realm where I can ease myself out. The emergence of conscious thoughts highlights the crucial relation of context with concept. My main focus is primarily on the exploration of something as simple as blank spaces against the linear drawing of shapes in the interpretation of form and movement.

Gap in Between II 2020

The only thing one can take away from my work is silence and depth. My journey is very much a process of letting go of pre-establish concept about art and to practice genuineness and loyalty to nature and to myself.

Gap in Between III 2020

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Sundus Rafi


Sundus Rafi, born in Bahawalnagar in 1988, did her MA Fine Arts from Sheffield Hallam University, UK in 2017 and MS Studio Practice from Lahore College for Women University in 2015. Being a visual artist her work revolves around repetition of specific shape executed in the form of prints, video installation and drawing on wasli. Her possession with repetition adds complexity which embrace the organic elements of nature around her. Moreover, she has served as Visiting Lecturer and Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at the Institute of Design & Visual Arts, LCWU.

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