Paper | 2017

Paper is very interesting for me. It’s very flexible. Also it appears ambivalent. It can cut someone’s skin. On the other hand, it can be covered with something.
These shapes, forms, textures and lines creates a composition ,which shows us different looks from something familiar that resonates with us. I happened to find them on a daily basis and captured them from my perspective. Also I tried to convey that the aesthetic is not really out of the ordinary.


Urban life | 2017

Tokyo is busy city and crowed everywhere.But the more crowed there is, the more isolated I feel. I focus on people in a crowd. Even though there are a lot of people around them, but they look as if there were completely alone. They emerge out of darkness and stillness. I have tried to express their solitude deep inside with light and shadow.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Sudi jp


Born in Mie Prefecture, Japan. I’m a photographic artist based in Tokyo Japan. Photography came to me about thirteen years ago in my attempts to express my written poetry in a visual form. Two months later, I won the photography prize in the Excite blogger contest. Following this initial success, my works featured in photography magazines all over Japan. My works are displayed in company offices and people's houses. In 2011, I was chosen as a finalist in the "Px3 Official Selection for 2011" competition. I was awarded an honorable mention in the International Photography Award Competition(2012) and in Moscow International Photography Award (2014).I was awarded Silver Winner in Tokyo Doto Award(2018).

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