Eremo / Place of meditation. 2008

Material was collected on site to build a round structure in the forest where people and nature can meditate. It is a site specific work build for the site with material from the site. Arte Sella sculpture park italy


Dealesville ley line art project. 2017/2018

land art as ecological art. 11 000 tyres was used to created lines across a salt pan. Inside each of the tyres a small eco system with soil and indigenous plants where created to re-establish the grass from the area to resettle again on this land. A process that will slowly develop over the next couple of years. Dealesville, Free StaTe, South Africa.


Sculpting a river. 2016

A rake was used to create shadows in the sand in a dry river bed in the Namibian desert. river that will never flow again recreated with shadows. Namtib Namibia.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Strijdom Van Der Merwe

South Africa

As a land artist he generally uses the materials as found on a chosen site. These sculptural forms take shape in relation to the landscape. It is a process of working with the natural environment/world by using what is found on site and then shaping these elements into geometrical forms until it gradually integrates with the natural environment again. Depending on the purpose of the exhibition or the commission the artist will also use materials that is brought in to the landscape in order the make a statement about our relationship with the land, in many of these works the installation is not permanent but only functional for the duration of a certain event. - Recipient of the Jackson Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant - Medal of Honor from the South African Academy of Arts and Science. -

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