Hombre en Azul | 2017

In this series I depict myself as an object and inject myself into the landscape I currently reside in. Whether that one object is a person, an animal, the moon, or a chair, they have one thing in common: they become aligned and part of their surroundings and are utterly present. There is a sense of loneliness and doubt in these images as I continue to discover myself along this journey of life. The desert allows for room of growth while the sunset allows for new beginnings. Aristotle once said “One who is content in solitude is either a wild beast or a god”.  As I continue on this course of self discovery, vulnerability, and solidarity, I will gaze at the moon and reach for the stars and see the beauty within these twinkles in moments we call life and capture them with my third eye.


Las Parejas del Mundo | 2017


El Principio del Fin | 2017

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Stephanie Pulido

United States

Stephanie Pulido is a photographer, designer and content creator based out of Madrid, Spain. Originally from Houston, Texas she received her business degree in Marketing and a Minor In Accounting & Fashion Merchandising. In 2013, she opened a mobile vintage shop based out of a 1974 Shasta Camper and after traveling to markets and participating in events such as SXSW and Fun Fun Fun Fest, she decided to move to Madrid in 2016. Since then she has worked with local Spanish brands for photography and styling and participated in her first expo in 2018. She continues to provide services such as marketing, art direction, styling and photography.

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