The moment she is back 2021

white porcelain | glazes | copper
34 cm/29 cm/30 cm

Memories of that summer 2021

black porcelain | glazes | boro glass | copper
47 cm/28 cm/14 cm

Before she was born 2021

black porcelain | glazes | boro glass | copper
20 cm/27 cm/19 cm

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Stella Arion


Born in a creative family, my life path has led me from banking in Moscow to art direction and fashion styling in London. Two years ago, in a major transformation, I became a self-taught, full-time sculptor working in porcelain, glass and metal. Always being an artist in my soul, but, initially, choosing the path of fashion, I gained a multi-dimensional experience that gave full payback when I started sculpting. Life experience expressed itself in what, I believe, is the visionary maturity of my first collection of sixteen sculptures. This belief is supported by acceptance for a masters degree at The Royal College of Art in London, and by an invitation to exhibit my work at Aureole Art Projects in Geneva, and by the purchase of one of my sculptures by a private collector. Currently I’m preparing for a range of residences, gathering new ideas for or my next sculpting project and preparing a range of talks and workshops for students and young creatives (I’ve been lecturing since 2007).

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