No title | 2018

What’s beyond here?


No title | 2016

What is inside of me I only know …


No title | 2018

Their world … is theirs!

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Stela Pătrulescu


I live my life in the city that I was born in, Timisoara.I’ve been wanting to take up photography a long time ago, but I’ve only been doing itsince 2011. At first I studied it at The Folk School of Art, but the decisive moment for me camewhen I began attending Francisc Mraz’s School of Photographic Poetics.Thus, I was able to discover a whole different world. I keep trying to observ everything happening around me with the help of the aesthetic means I gained in school. I learned to look more intently at the things surrounding me and at the people I stumbleupon. In my photos I try to convey moods and atmospheres that always amaze me.Sometimes, the places I travel through make me imagine other things than the ones I see with my eyes.I am glad to capture the strangeness and the color .

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