Tension 2020

There are feelings you cannot describe with words not due to your inability to find the proper ones, but because the stimuli that triggered them are numerous and the causation link has been blurred. These feelings are expressed in alternative ways – at least in my mind. Tension due to anger and stress formed this merging of three beautiful creatures. I closed my eyes during one of my peaks and there they were…growing out of the face of a bear and howling without a sound because I wouldn't be able to stand the noise. This to me is tension.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Stefania Katapodi



I started drawing when I was little as most of us did. I continued because patterns and colours were the only way I could make sense of the world around me. I grew up with a mother that gave me a fairytale explanation for any real-life question I had, and that developed my way of processing any form of suffering that I encountered in my life. I could never see it for what it was, I could only decode it into a beautiful fairytale. So to me there was never a bad situation, there were simply interactions with deeper and colder colours. I kept that approach for most of my life because it aligned with my synesthesia. Through my art I aim to present my own mythology based on which I experience people, feelings and generally the world around me and through which I explore the main traits that shape one's identity on a psychological and spiritual level.

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