Oil. 2017

Exhibition | Atrium Gallery | Prague Sculpture | objects | installation Various materials Art work treats through a series materials, composition and relationships between “me”, “you” and “they”. Here are fragile objects, collages, and installations based mostly on nature. Personal morphology builds on the intersection of artificial human products and growth matter. This interconnection intuitively ranks into units operating on the principle of continuous exploration of combinations. More or less abstraction figures tell stories without the need to start or end. The resulting “frame” bursts with color, contrasts and fine details. The melancholy situation is like a fog and returns us to a precious story about the fire.


Kojak. 2016

Part of the project –
“The Man Who Eats Violets”

Academy of Arts Architecture & Design | Prague

Sculpture | objects | installation

Various materials | Leather | 170cm

The humans who are living together in closed space.
Space and surface are illusioned.
You’ll never know a person until you’ve truly lived in their square meter.


But When The Night Came, The Grief Changed in Joy. 2018

Exhibition | Pragovka Gallery | Prague

Sculpture | objects | installation

Various materials | 170cm | 150cm

1. Exhibition of Performance Studio of the Faculty of Art and Design in Ústí n / L. originally intended to focuson connection of performative techniques and the creation of “material” artefacts. The exhibition should present objects, installations and photographs (but not of a documentary character) that would be created on the basis of physical activities in a particular space.
2. The exhibition was eventually created on the basis of a ground plan of the children’s board game “From Fairy Tales to Fairy Tales”. But it was primarily used as a tool and a guideline for installing and distributing individual works, not as a mutual topic of the exhibition. Even though several works have been created specifically for this occasion on the basis of the game, and several other works have been created in this place in relation to this space, we did not want to be guided by outside rules. Everyone could contribute with everything he/she is personally interested right now, regardless of the choice of the others. So the exhibition is actually a show of individual, independent works, only minimally curated. The exhibition represents the activity of students of this studio in its entire range.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Stanislava Karbušická

Czech Republic

I work with meaningful and aesthetic features randomly shaped in a simple material or everyday object. I notice the character of every object I observe. It might be, for example, common cardboard and its changeable lightness, unobtrusive colour, variable compactness, divisibility, formability, connectivity and possibility of definite destruction. In my work, I use linear systems with an emphasized detail which has an important integrating role. The main motive of my work is a human being as an open system from the perspective of Gestalt psychology. I am interested in relations between individuals, their behaviour, moods of mankind, individual environment of every human being and their position in the current world. Borders between body and mind are a significant link in my artwork. My aesthetics are determined by human appearance and its abstract counterpart. The decisive factors in my creative process are nervousness, fear and human nature.

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