Smart Log 2019

The Smart Log is a light carrier operating in two modes. It is made of processed pine wood. The folded state is a wooden stump. Expands as a laptop. It has a sewn keyboard with all the letters removed. It has a Fibinachi screen made from a wax honeycomb, whose nests resemble pixels, also sewn with twine. There are two built-in lamps, one that resembles a candle, the other with full illumination. It has a data security system: padlock. It is not 5 G, but 6.5 kG.
Smart Log is an ironic look of the modern technological world. Its presence reduces the tension caused by our surrounding technologies. Natural materials create coziness and emit raw light that illuminates the dark hiding places of modern demons.

Electra 2019

The work Electra is inspired by the wonderful song of Arild Andersen and Savina Yanatou “Electra”. My work is a gesture to a woman who does not want to play by the rules built by a man, does not descend into his battles, nor seeks revenge and revanchism. She builds her life as a dance, through her intuition, through her patience, her deep sensuousness, her forgiveness, through the many passages of her heart, the dark burdens of her saddened malice, her jealousy, her softness and her compassion for life.
“Electra” is my admiration for the woman and the desire of my rudeness to capture her elusive beauty.
It is made of dry walnut wood, ejected trees from the sea, ropes, lamp, cable, old “gypsy” nails.

Man’s attempt to talk about the invisible in the woman.

Silence Blaster 2019

Silence Blaster is a device that captures and processes noises and frequencies that attack and destroy the organic song of our inner peace. Constantly flooded by visual, sound and sense noises, the heart shrinks and leaves the whole responsibility for human happiness, only to the brain and its logic that is chasing it’s own tail.
It is made of dried, processed, massive walnut wood, lying on a porous limestone base and attached with a natural twine. In its front part is attached a panel of Russian radio VEF 206. From its top are carved vinyl plate and audio cassette surrounded by many details that create a sense of stop of time. From behind there is a lighting panel made from sea-ejected wood. There is pluged headphones that are wrapped in twine and straw. The whole combination is an endless journey to our archetypal tranquility.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Stanimir Enchev


Stanimir Enchev is an artist graduated from the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts in Bulgaria. He is involved in performance, video art, has participated in international dance platforms, creates streets art events, has published a book of poetry. There is one own exhibition. Creates luminous sculptures using mainly natural materials. Wood, stone, string, and others. His works represent an extraordinary view of the modern world, combining irony, gentle tranquility and raw depth.

CV of Stanimir Ivanov Enchev
2004 – Acting and Pantomime – NATFA “Kr. Sarafov “Sofia / Bulgaria
2019 – Details, Spots and Noises – Exhibition of Sculptors – Sofia – July 2019 – Varna – June 2019 Kavarna – March 2019
2019 – “Which is ahead of me” – a book of poetry and photographs
2018 – “Kora”- short contemporary dance move
2018 – Workshop “The Mad Grass” Sofia
2018 – “Stories from the Territories” – by Shawn Tan – director (Kavarna)

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