Yoga (chaise) 2019

The process of finding a balance in relations accompanies certain tensions. An interaction between subjects transforms the subjects and the form of relation. It is a sculptural capture of this moment of transformation.
Inspired by the forms of a body while doing yoga which is both a physical and mental activity, I rendered an ensemble of the external and the internal. I look for the possibility of appropriating the flexibility and the tension in the bodily actions to the way we interact with one another. The interaction of each action as a symbol of an everyday object that composes of our daily lives, endows the sculpture with motility. It brings about unpredictable changes in the form of the sculpture.
However, it is not only confined to the visualization of subtle changes in the movement of this organic form as a variation of various objects with different characteristics into the changes of the sculpture itself. It is to expose the wide aspects of forms of relations, broadening the

Yoga (chaise) 2019

Va et vient 2018

The others come and go, and I sway. I am slowly tinted by the others. Every form of lives influences me in different ways. I visualized this internal movement through the spatial quality of a banal, everyday object – a chair. One relies on the other’s gesture on this chair. Even within the same time and space, the experience that each individual goes through will be different from one another. It is a spatial display of relational influences with a convert of emotions to bodily experiences.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Sookyoung GHEEM

South Korea

My work focuses on the relationship through the abnormal composition of objects. This composition distorts their initial function and reveals nonsense. Each component is an organ in my work, beyond a material. They create disorderly circulation by affecting themselves. And they cause movement by mixing. From there, My work becomes ephemeral and unpredictable. In it I seek an affair with the relation. By exposing an invisible by a visible, I observe the immanent aspect of our composition in the world.

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