Broken Yet Beautiful 2019

As I stepped outside the bank, there was an old United States Postal Service mail truck parked in the parking lot. I’ve always loved textures and the textures and colors were just so interesting. I chose to create a composition that emphasized the large organic shapes and textures. I love making things that look worn have some beauty to them.

15.5″ x 29″
30″ x 16.75″ white paper border
Watercolor on Paper

Blue Serenity 2019

I always want people to experience calm and serenity when they see my painting. I love creating places where people just want to step inside to to escape. I hope this painting allows you to imagine smelling the salty air and feeling the warm sunshine on your face while hearing the gentle movement of the water against the boat.

18 x 24″
Watercolor on Paper

Cars in the Rain 2019

One day I was driving in Southern California traffic in the pouring rain when all of a sudden it came to a complete stop. I looked ahead and noticed the reflections on the pavement made by the tail lights. I quickly shot a photo. I proceeded to paint this painting while talking for 2 hours on the phone with my friend. My friends have said it is a beautiful painting…which both makes me laugh and makes be realize that artists are supposed to make the mundane and ordinary look beautiful. That is our job. We can see junk and garbage all around us or we can take the time stopped in traffic to see the beauty everywhere you look.

8.5″ x 6.5″
Watercolor and gouache on paper

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Sonserae Leese

United States

Sonserae Leese grew up in Orange County and received her B.A. in Fine Art and Photography from Pepperdine University. She also studied Art and Art History in Europe. She was one of the first women in computer graphics. She has spent over 25 years as a professional artist in visual effects for Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, Sony Pictures and Nickelodeon working on blockbuster features and episodic television shows such as Atlantis, Bolt, Meet the Robinsons, Polar Express, Stuart Little, Penguins of Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda. She now loves spending her time teaching others theskills she has learned, sharing her stories through writingand returning to traditional painting and drawing. Herfirst love. She is also the Founder and Executive Director of a non-profit to help heal PTSD and trauma through the arts.

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