the other side  | 2017

The original idea of ‘the other side’ shaped during the time I was working on the concept of memory and the difficulty of clearing mind from some (melancholic ) flashbacks and remaking them in more durable way.I learned that to change our state of memory we need to suffer enough to rich the point where we can see the softer side of it. Working on Sampietrini as a hard material is a metaphor of the indurate challenge of forgetting, remembering and redefining; to share this feeling with visitors I also created an uncomfortable situation in which they had to lean down to look and touch these faces.


Life style | 2016

lifestyle and behavior of Peoples in contemporary society has always been one of my work concept. In the first work of these series I critic the fact that nowadays people mostly don’t behave in accordance to what is expected of them in each situation . As a model I presented the unrelated behaviors of the public at the opening day of an art exhibition.


Dove il mio Se’ | 2015

This work is about the identity and confusion of humans in the search of its authentic self. As an immigrant artist I’ve felt the multiple identity,what we lose and what find,what we make and remake and this   journey of defining an identity has become the core concept of my work and these multiplied figures allow me to reflect the frailty of identity.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Solmaz Vilkachi


Solmaz Vilkachi Nasce a Tehran nel 1982. Si è laureata in Economia e Grafica in Iran.Vive a Roma dal 2009 e nel 2017 consegue il diploma di II Livello in Scultura Ambientale e Lapis Tiburtinus presso l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma. Ha partecipato a varie mostre personali e collettive e ha realizzato installazioni scultoree che sono state esposte ed installate in modo permanente negli spazi pubblici di diverse città italiane.

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