The Womb 2018

Everything in this world has a shell. Soft, hard, warm, slimy. At the same time, the shape of this shell is never perfect, but the boundaries created by nature are beautiful and unshakable… Are they?

The Shells 2020

The Origin 2020

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Sofiia Olena Kalmykova


Sofiia was born in Simferopol, Ukraine on February 18, 1997. She has been interested in art since childhood.

In 2013 she witnessed the process of occupation of Crimea by Russian troops. As a result, in the fall of 2014 Sofia and her family were forced to leave their home in the Crimea and move to Lviv, the west of Ukraine, where she started to study design.

During her studies she took a deep dive into the world of art. In 2019 Sofia had her first personal exhibition at the Lviv Palace of Arts. With her fellow young artists she organized several modern art performances which made an impact on the cultural life of Lviv.

In 2020 she graduated from Ukrainian Academy of Printing (fine arts).

Now Sofia lives in Leipzig, Germany, where she keeps on looking for new experiences, improves her technique and looks for new opportunities.

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