Bouyancy 2021

Aqua blue symbolic representation of the human form was to empathize how environment relates to ones consciousness but as thinker who doesn't let environment determine his outcome, he takes up the mantle which is represented by a helm to guide he's thought and materialize his reality to keep one's mind afloat.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Simon Ojeaga


Simon Ojeaga is a Nigerian-based visual artist, He is passionate and committed about the Arts, born in 1996, from the Owan west local government area of Edo state. Simon's early life was spent in the state capital of Nigeria, Abuja, what influencer spawned the early consciousness of his skill as a budding artist and a self-taught creative individual even at a pre-primary school age without a doubt were the encountered of an epiphany, first and foremost he observed subsequently coping the line hatchings and dots of the picture in twenty naira legal tender, apart from this during his formal education Simon's fervent Passion to the movement in muscles beneath the epidermis of the skin harmonize with outer layer of the human skin as well as that of African culture which we see textured patterns and motif to embellish the human form On the other hand in 2019 He has Higher national diploma in painting also a residency in 2020 at OYASAF.

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