Cube 2019

Performance – For this piece a 1.83m cube was built out of thin cotton by Sarah Fairweather, I threw paint from inside until I had used all 5 Litres. Hotte Schulz played drums, Can Winter played synthersizers, electronics and drums, we performed for 20 minutes at The Show for Gallery Weekend at Alte Münze, 27.04.19.

Handy cams/performance photos by Simm Paat, steady cams and editing by myself

Reconfiguring Gradients 2019

Performance – For this piece I ripped apart a 2x5m cotton canvas that had two different blue gradients, and stapled it back together.
Kat Austen made music with circuit bent devices that measure various properties of water (such as pH) and we performed for 20 minutes for the opening of my solo exhibition "Large Body Of Water" at Retramp Gallery, Berlin 4.10.19.
Filming by Joseph Tremblay, video editing by myself

Mess 2018

Performance – mixed media on canvas, 4.5×1.5m, 2018
Filmed by Anne Lamb, edited by myself

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Simon Findlay


Simon Findlay blends performance and painting by using a broom to create powerful strokes on large canvas. His artistic process is linked with his physical/mental health, which is supported by consistently painting a large work every month.

"These images would plague my dreams and meditations, over and over, the only way I could ease them was to paint them.” He collaborates with musicians, dancers, fashion designers and other performers.

He only wears short shorts and people often yell the following things at him as he rides his bike in Winter: Are you cold? It’s not Summer! Where are your pants? Do you get sick? Are you ok? You’re so sporty! You’re so healthy! You’re crazy!

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