Vavaluci. 2016

Not just snails,but organic shapes from the universe. They are spirals tracing and drawing outlines of a golden section in black and white. It’s a shape from nature where everything belongs to the whole and where it shows a regular and material mark.


Uncontrollable. 2017

A young woman abandoned to the lover while he is girding her neck and her head with his hands.


Inside the soul. 2017

A young man’s eye, rich on details. Close to the pupil a bright reflected light. The highlights are in all skin and wrinkles.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Silvia Pagano


Silvia Pagano was born in 1987.At a very young age she began to develop a strong inclination toward the art world,and became self-taught artist who in a very short time perfected her tecnique.She was an illustrator for several pubblications.She meticulously studies the details of her subject’s intentions,immortalizer on paper using only a pencil.Whit a photographic precision,she captures the moment and emotions which remain impressed in time. Her constant aim at perfecting her work,she begins to direct her art towards the rapresentation of the image perceived in life’s daily reality.The originality of her drawings in brought about throught her knowledge of bringing forth the impression and emotion represented in the glance of her subject’s eyes,making every details accurate with precision.

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