Why didn't you think of me? 2019

Digital print on diasec, 30 x 20 cm.

Why didn’t you think of me? is a combination of performance and installation that take place in a flat in The Jordaan, Amsterdam, a space directly connected with the routine. During the three hours performance, Silvia tattoos the sentence “Why didn’t you think of me?” herself by using a sewing needle and some tattoo ink while sitting in her bedroom. The action is repeated many times, just like engraving, to make sure that the sentence becomes visible on the skin so the memory will last forever. On the same flat’s bathroom sink there is a hand soap refined and engraved by the artist with the same sentence as the one on her skin. The visitors are invited to wash their hands with it in order to erase the writing on it. 

This work is part of Home Sequence.

Photo by Giovanni Giaretta

Ik slik uit liefde 2019

Ik slik uit liefde is part of Uit Liefde, a series of love and pink writings.

From 2019 these writings appear and disappear at NDSM, Amsterdam. Made on the floor, they are and will be deleted by the weather, the river, people and environment. 

This double exposure picture was taken with an analogue camera, using an old film.

UNA 2017

Video still
Performance 4 hrs

"[…]Youth culture creates idols. And rituals. The mass gathering is the most captivating one. It is a sensorial and cultural, biographical and social experience. It highlights topics such as vulnerability, identity, exclusion from political life.
The possibility of losing control is part of the work.
It is a long dance session. Solitary. At first light. On an upland in Abruzzo. The tiny body. The pounding rhythm of the really loud music. Strain. Cold. Fear. All around her, the green impotence of nature. The animals ferocity. The mineral steadiness of the mountains. […]."
(Maurizio Coccia)

Music: Alessandro Larice, Video documentation: Davide Gigante, Service: Davide Gigante

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Silvia Mantellini Faieta



Silvia Mantellini Faieta born in 1992 (Pescara, IT). In 2016 she participated in the workshop Death and Romance directed by Franko B. After her bachelor and master degrees at the Accademia of Fine Arts (Urbino, IT), in 2018 she moved to Amsterdam (NL), where she lives. In 2019 she was invited to be part of  artist's talks as Conversas and OpenStudio Borgerstraat (Rotterdam ,NL), she performed on occasion of Home Sequence (Amsterdam, NL) and participated at Straperetana (Pereto, IT). Her artistic research is based on the analysis of the relations between individual and collective memory, going through the structures that create interpersonal relations and remarking the difference between ephemeral and everlasting. The writing is used as a message to combine with different media related to the ritual and the repetition as tattooing or sewing. This idea formalizes via actions and by getting them documented in hand bound books, photographs, objects, xylography, embroidery and street art.

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