Viadiqui – Wime 2020

As a director of more than 20 music videos, I chose to show you one of their latest works, maybe not the best but with a great challenge behind it. Wime is the band that appeared on XFactor 2020 and they shocked the audience with their sound weird pop. The tiny budget led me to come up with a winning idea: a sequence plan with Gondry-esque craft effects.

15Bras 2020

Yes you read that right, I auctioned off all my bras.
I launched this call on Instagram and after two hours, the winner of this initiative, the Domestic Design Depot collection in Genoa bought 15 bras for 1000 euros. It's not only crazy but with this gesture, they donated 50% of his investment to the AIRC Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.

Floral, red, lace, too daring, strapless, green, pink, comfortable, uncomfortable.
After 10 years of social imposition, of how and when and if we should wear them, partly out of provocation and partly because I enjoy helping in my own way, I am selling all my 15 bras. They are important objects in a woman's life (or so we have been taught) and have marked her days.
A reuse initiative to donate to research.

A Minute in Berlin 2015

Smith Kimaro (filmmaker from Tanzania) and I had to choose a minute in Berlin, so with a fixed camera, we recorded Check Point Charlie and tourists. We worked with Canon 5D Mark III and Smith analog 50mm lens. Without cuts, without post-production, this is just our point of view, a raw and authentic performance.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Silvia Di Gregorio


I was born in Verbania between the Alps and Lake Maggiore (Italy). Since I was 14 I developed on my own my analog photographs working as a photographer and setting some exhibitions up all around Italy (Venice, Rome, and Milan). I have a Bachelor Degree in Arti e Scienze dello Spettacolo in La Sapienza University with an excellent final mark 110elode/110 and an experimental degree thesis about Distribution and Promotion in the contemporary Italian Cinema. Then I attended a Summer School in Filmmaking at the Btk University in Berlin and a Master in Advanced Cinematography at Nativa in Milan. After paying my dues in Cinematography Department as Second Assistant Camera, working with great D.O.P. such as Gianluca Palma, Stefano Ferrari, and Sammy Paravan, I worked as Cinematographer for Land Ho Studio. After two years I decided to write stories on my own and starting my own career path as a Director (Valentino, Regione Emilia Romagna, Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, LOGO).

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