Venus of recycle 2014

This sculpture belongs to Poor art of luxury collection.
Made by assembling of multiple pieces of original Murano glass scraps discarded by the melting furnace Master and selected and refused by me in a single piece. 24 x 8 x 0,4 cm
About the idea and the process, please

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Silvana Abram


As an archaeologist and multi-media artist my philosophical, poetic and material research as an informal ecologically-oriented artist moves from an imaginative process and a mental synthesis, that proceeds to materially developing a dialogue between elements in a work. By enjoying the use of traditional materials of fine arts, mixed with recyclable and technological ones, and by applying the maximum degree of freedom in the selection of the materials and mediums. My creative mission is to invent or to reinvent – maintaining a humanistic vision, as for example "Poor art of luxury collection" expresses.
SVA, NYC – Summer Residency program, Painting and Mixed Media, 2015.
Sotheby's Institute of Art, NYC – Contemporary Art in NY, 2013.
Abate Zanetti School, Murano Venice – Glass fusing, 2014 – Abate Zanetti School, Murano Venice – Lamp working.
SICOF, Vicenza – Philosophical Counseling, 2006-09.
University of Trento, Graduate degree in Humanities, Archaeology 1994-5.

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