Georgiana's Love Story 2017

Georgiana's Love Story is a video work full of girlish feelings. It uses a girl named Georgina as the first person to explain her inner love story.
The film takes her date with her boyfriend King as the main axis, from driving to singing KTV, riding the Ferris wheel, taking hot springs, eating, etc., traveling around as sweetly as young people are dating nowadays, and the boyfriend never appears in the screen. With the figure, the audience’s perspective is like a boyfriend swimming with Georgina, helping her to record videos, and leaving pictures for her everywhere. The established process of dating is presented in a one-stop manner, and the empty soul of modern people is vaguely revealed.
Regardless of the tone of voice, Georgina always faces with the same expression. A shallow smile does not show happiness, anger, sorrow, or joy. It forms a contradictory contrast with the voice full of emotions.

Ms.Walter's Trouble Mind 2018

Ms.Walter's Trouble Mind is a stimulating video/audio installation. From the pure red wedding banquet hall installation with traditional desktop aesthetics to the welcome mat on the whole wall, the definition of marriage in the weird atmosphere does not seem to be so harmonious.
A story that is close to joking is condensed into a close integration between intuition and unconventional aesthetics, in which the shots of Asian-looking women doing housework, cooking, makeup, and other daily life are in the boundary between real and virtual, prompting us Think about offensive stereotypes in different cultures.

121 hours 2018

121 hours is a space installation full of the Kardashian family’s reality show lines, in contrast to the strange open shelves/closets full of hanging screens and monitors. Seven separate but interconnected videos run together on multiple monitors in a space with closets purchased by IKEA. The content captures footage from the reality show "Walk with Kardashian" and various seemingly irrelevant patterns. The combination of visual, sound, and physical realms not only inspires the audience to stimulate the powerful media content but also faces the text full of black and white, leaving a lot of blank space for imagination.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Sid and Geri


Sid and Geri is an art group established in 2017, Taiwan. The group collaborates with different types of people around different cultures. By deploying various mediums through video, animation, multi-media as well as space installation, their works show a unique sense of humor to express "the patterns around people", reflecting the daily living experience and grapples with the most prescient social issues of our reality.

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