It's time for everyone to practice inner peace by doing meditation. 2021

Come out of busy schedule, daily spend few minutes doing meditation for the world peace. If everyone spends few minutes meditating then there won't be any suffering in the world. Already world has seen enough pain by encountering pandemic diseases, wars between countries, unhealthy completions,jealousy between the countries. Let's meditate for the peace of world,welfare of every human being. Let's grow our mmental strength, peace of mind, help to develop our own immunity system, let's be more powerful to ready for any obstacles on our way.
Let's take path first to grow our inner peace then give hands for everyone to grow there inner peace and joy.
So I am painting lady immersed in meditation under a tree away from busy schedule and hectic life. Filled with calm, peace,happiness and internal joy. Trying to search herself,her real identity as soul,a way for liberation. A way for welfare of the world.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Shweta Patil


I am aspiring artist, my resolution is to do more inspiring painting that would inspire people to achieve their dreams.

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