Portrait of a man 2020

As Nietzsche once said: “It is the same with man as with the tree. The more he seeks to rise into the height and light, the more vigorously do his roots struggle earthward, downward, into the dark and deep–into the evil.” He is such a man who fights against the darkness and grows towards the light. I took a photo of his inner activities at that moment.

Untitled dream 2020

During the covid-19, I got my best time to be lost in my own labyrinth, started to doubt myself, took a rest, and reduced self-consciousness there. I slowly reborn in many awakening and sleeping moments, like plant seeds that have to back into the soil, and slowly wait until the cold winter passes. This photo was my inner activity in the past.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Shulan Wang



Shulan Wang is a photographer, based in Paris, France. She holds degrees of European Master of Professional Photography from Spéos International Photography School and Master of Arts from University of Westminster. She was born in Hangzhou, China in 1994. She has been a naturalist since her childhood. She mainly focuses on black and white photos which related to landscape, animals, portraits and still-life. Poetic and peaceful visual atmosphere is her pursuit in photography. For her, photography is like a dream-making space where people meditate and meditate on the meaning of life. Therefore, her works are personal and emotional.

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