Rim’s Language. 2018

This installation is an homage to traditional Palestinian pottery.
It points to traditional Palestinian pottery as an important vanishing knowledge from one hand, and as alternative or more complex point of view in the “battle” of narratives (In my local area Israelis vs. Palestinians) on the other hand.
The work imitates the curly rims of typical traditional Palestinian pottery – so the installation is based on ceramic hoops (or rims without vessels)
This installation is about narratives, emptiness and knowledge.
Pottery from local Israeli clay.
Diameter of hoops: between 5-60 cm


from the series Ran Out. 2014

“Ran out” is a ceramic project that raises a discussion concerning the extinction of natural resources, of conception or objects that are running out. The project brings together local clay – a ceramic material (a natural resource) that ran out in Israel and abroad (called S5), and porcelain – the fashionable and noblest ceramic material. That combination raises questions about local vs. global, tradition vs. new technologies, and whole vs. distorted.
Pottery from local Israeli clay and porcelain.
Height: 20 cm


Ctrl+f #4. 2011

Working with local Israeli clay is important for me. The local clay in Israel has bad quality: it’s rough, it’s not clean, it has no plasticity and it is used only by few professional ceramic artists. So it became for me a metaphor for locality. The series “Ctrl+f” includes (among other objects) 5 manipulated ceramic keyboards dealing with local language and local culture as well as material and digital concepts..
Pressed local Israeli clay
Height: 45 cm

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Shlomit Bauman


Shlomit Bauman is a ceramic artists that deals with material culture in wide and critical approach. She is a senior lecturer for ceramic design at HIT - Holon Institution of Technology. Bauman is also the head curator of Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, located in Tel-Aviv

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