Red mushrooms 2020

Red mushrooms are part of my “Kingdom of mushrooms “. This painting and many others I made during the quarantine.
Technique I used is oil on canvas.

Fragile times 2020

My earthly paradise called “Kingdom mushrooms” and this is another my favorite mushroom.
This painting i made during the quarantine, is in oil technique on canvas. My favorite technique also.

Kingdom of mushrooms 2020

Kingdom of mushrooms is a painting I made during the quarantine, in oil medium on canvas.

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Shkurte Ramushi


Shkurte Ramushi born in Verban of Vitia, Kosovo. Now I live, work and create in Prishtina, Kosovo. My works presents an the breathtaking expressionistic nature of my artwork especially ‘mushroom kingdom’ is rather gripping.

My favorite technique is oil. And my main inspiration is nature, society and the human soul itself. My paradise talks for inner energy and micro world of nature. I call my artworks “mushrooms kingdom”
These quarantine days and pandemic world, talks about the search for freedom and artistic creation. The quarantine has once again reminded us of existence and humanism.
My list of personal and collective exhibitons and art show is very large. I was part of more than 90 collective art exhibition international and national. Lately my artworks was published at Artsy, Your art buttler, art jobs. Last art project is a personal art show at Art Gallery of Tetova, at North Macedonia.

I completed BACHELOR (2014) and MASTER (2016) studies at University of Prishtina.

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