Naked 2021

Here I've created piece that has a feeling of being naked or exposed. A feeling we've all felt before.

Brainwash 2017

Good Time 2017

Here I've created a work with a sense of fun and flamboyance. Having fun off the clock.

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Shea Forest

United States

My name is Shea Forest and I am an American graphic visual artist. I was born in the United States in 1973 but decided to relocate to Europe in September 2008 which I have never regretted. I'm an American Girl living in a German World, on the outskirts of Munich to be precise. After studying art at Northwestern State University, I graduated in 1999 with a degree in graphic design. I've put my degree to good use but not in a typical way. Instead of a steady job with an ad agency, I've used it for creating visual art. I dedicated my time this anytime I wasn't at work or dealing with my children. I hope people enjoy the fruits of my labor that I've built up over the years.

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