I have recently been displaced from Canada and find myself in Finland. I have been drawn to engaging in acts that bring memories of “home”. My 12.5-year-old dog who has recently been diagnosed with cancer is here with me. In an attempt to find our place here as we hold on to our final days together, I find us doing the familiar activities of home such as playing by the river.

The Last Light 2019

Since arriving in Finland I experienced POlar Darkness for the first time. Coming from Canada, in the dead of winter, we have maybe 4.5 hours of daylight. However, here in Finland those few hours of “daylight” are covered with the cloud as we are along the coast of the Baltic Sea. The Last Light left in October and we didn’t see it again for 3 months.

Baltic Sea Study (1) 2019

I spend at least 1-2 hours each day walking along the coast investigating my new surroundings and the terrain here. I come from the Rocky Mountains and am fascinated by the Baltic Sea.

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Shannon Amey


Shannon’s life and work have taken her around the world, both as a visitor and a resident. Living overseas in Asia for many years from Bhutan to Korea the artist found home again in both the East and West of Canada. In recent years she has found herself in Central and South America and is currently exploring nordic culture living in Finland.

Shannon’s immersion and exploration of the places and people she interacts with deeply influence her work. The artist draws upon her experiences and interviews where she explores human connections to places and people through time. The artist focuses on the origin and creation of narratives derived from memories.

Shannon spends as much time as possible outdoors playing with her senior dog Fundy boy and often finds herself lost on misadventures traveling abroad. Shannon’s “home” is Canmore, Alberta where you will find her playing in snow for most of the year.

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