Embers + Roses 2019

Ultra Violet 2018

An installation evoking connection to the exterior world from within the confines of a concrete grain bin found on Black's Heritage Farm in Ames IA. This installation creates a textual and sensual juxtaposition to the feelings of the cold rigid concrete walls blocking out all notions of external existence.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Shance Taylor

United States

Growing up mixed-race in a community of diversity was an interesting experience, I was never fully enough of either ethnicity to be considered part of their community; friends and peers claimed I wasn't black enough nor was I Asian enough to fit into their stereotypical ideas of what it meant to be. I grew up, then, convinced that I wasn't either; I've grown to be disconnected from both my black identity and my Filipino identity.
Through my art, I express these emotions and feelings of being lost in a world that claims to be so inclusive but every day gives me reason to believe that I'll never fit in. I've given up on this idea that I must check boxes for inclusion, and choose my own exclusion.

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